Movie Moments in Life

I wrote this a while ago but I thought I’d share….

Have you ever had moments in life where you look back at it and think, “Wow that could have been in a movie!”  Good or bad, happy or sad, romantic, silly, anything.  It is a moment that you will remember for the rest of your life because of the time, the place, the situation,and  the impact it had on you.

Here are a few of mine (in no particular order 😉 )

My First Memory
I used to live in Hawaii when I was really little and this just sticks in my head to this day as my first real memory.  I was 2 years old and ofcourse living in Hawaii my family and I frequented the beach often.  I used to have this green turtle floatie that I would always have on whenever we went to the beach.  One day I was playing in the sand close to the waves with my turtle floatie on and I remember thinking to myself, “I want to learn how to swim.”  Not knowing the first thing to do ofcourse I take my turtle floatie off and stand at the edge of the water.  I did a couple of 1…2…3s before hurling my entire body into the waves that were hitting the shore.  I didn’t know what to do and just expected to start swimming but I kept getting washed back up to the shore.  I repeat this stint about 5-10 times before my dad who was nearby finally came up to me and said, “What are you doing??”

Saying Goodbye to my Parents
It was right before my freshman year in college.  I had gotten accepted to UGA and it was finally time to move into the dorms!  My future roommate at the time was not moving in until a few days later so both of my parents drove up with me to Athens and spent the entire day helping me move.  We spent the entire day moving things in, going to the nearby Walmart for supplies, and arranging my tiny 10×14 dorm room.  I remember being in my dorm room that evening and the last thing was placed and we all kind of stared at each other.  Then my dad said, “Well goodbye….”  My mom started crying and I started crying too.  I remember feeling so sad yet so happy, so alone yet so free, and a million other emotions.  It was that feeling of freedom finally coming to me but being so sad to let the familiar go…

Fireworks !
A former boyfriend of mine had taken me to one of my favorite spots in Chicago, Navy Pier.  It was summer time and twilight when we decided to ride on the ferris wheel.  If you haven’t been to the ferris wheel at Navy Pier it is very tall and goes very slow so you can see incredible views of the city up top.  We had just reached the top when all of a sudden the fireworks show started.  Then he kissed me!  It really was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

Saying Goodbye to the College Sweetheart
My boyfriend all through college was a year older than me and was from up North.  His senior year we knew he was going to go back home and we had talked about it a lot but finally the time came for him to go.  He was driving that day back home so we ate breakfast together.  I remember it being eerily quiet and trying to hold back the tears.  My bestfriend for so many years who I had spent everyday with and really grew with was leaving… and it was finally sinking in.  He dropped me off at my house and walked me up to my room.  Then the waterworks started and he just held me for what seemed to be eternity and he said “I love you.”  I was so devastated and upset that I couldn’t stop crying.  He finally had to walk away with me still in tears and upset…  My room was on the second floor of the house and my window looked out to where the cars parked.  I walked over to the window and saw him walking down the stairs to his car.  I took a deep breath and stopped crying and tapped on the window.  He looked up at me and I managed to smile and wave down at him.  He smiled back and waved and got in his car and drove away.

Breakups with a Movie Music Background
The end was near and I knew it was coming.  My boyfriend at the time said “We needed to talk.” He asked if he could meet me somewhere to “talk” so I picked this restaurant that I absolutely hated because I knew something bad was about to happen and I didn’t want to associate somewhere i loved going with something bad.  We sit down and ofcourse the usual breakup convo ensued.  The breakup talk had reached it’s peak and I said, “Is there nothing more I can do?” in hopes to somehow salvage our already doomed relationship….  All the while The Fray song “Over My Head” was playing and right when I said the pitiful last chance words the part of the song where it goes, “Suddenly I become part of the past, I’m becoming the part that don’t last, I’m losing you and it’s effortless” played and he looked at me and said “No.”

Airports are for Lovers
I was dropping off my long distance boyfriend at the time at the airport (ok ok so I had a thing for dating guys from out of town!). I dropped him off and was so sad to see him go but so happy because we had had such an amazing weekend together.  We said our goodbyes and I left heading north to work.  I was a good thirty minutes north of the airport and all of a sudden he calls me saying he couldn’t get on the flight and the next flight wasn’t for a long time.  I immediately turn around and drive back to the airport so happy that I was able to spend more time with him even if it was for a couple of hours.  I remember pulling up to the airport sidewalk and almost forgetting to put my car in park and jumping out immediately when I saw him.  I was laughing at how excited I was and gave him a big hug.  He then pulled away a little and behind his back he pulled out a single red rose and handed it to me.  I just kept laughing and then gave him a long kiss.  I didn’t even realize there was a small crowd around us watching and “awwwing.”  Truly a movie moment for the book I call Life….


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