Starch Free….

In spirit of bathing suit season I agreed to go on a cleanse/workout/diet thingie with my roomie and her friends from work.  I took Xtina’s starch free cleanse that she did last week and decided that I needed to do this one because I have always eaten a lot of fruit and fiber but it wasn’t cutting it for me.  This starch free cleanse is a 3-5 day cleanse where I cannot eat any fruit, sugar, dairy, flour.  I can eat meat, veggies, and that’s about it….I’m at the end of day 4 and let me tell you it hasn’t been that easy!  But I’ve stuck through it!

My roomie and the other girls are doing a different cleanse where they can’t eat meat or dairy but they can eat some grains and fruit.  I have been doing extremely well on the food part in the morning and at work.  After work I go straight to the gym for about 2 hours then I come home.  That’s when the weird cravings kick in!!! The girls have been coming over and cooking dinner at our place and I just get the weirdest cravings seeing their food!  I just want to eat their rice and their rice stix!!!  ahhhh!!!  I don’t even like jelly  beans but I see them sitting on the counter and I want some!  Ughhhh

This is the weird part, it only happens when I get home at night… I went to lunch with coworkers the other day to California Dreamin and they all ordered sandwiches with fries and I wasn’t tempted whatsoever.   I dunno if it’s just because I get home from a hard workout and I’m eating fish and veggies 😛  I mean I like fish and veggies but I’ve eaten that EVERY NIGHT the past four days! After the 3-5 day cleanse (which ends tomorrow for me!) we are sticking to eating healthy which is good– I just want a YOGURT!! I don’t even eat yogurt!! haha That’s the thing I’m craving stuff that isn’t necessarily bad (okay not the jelly beans but other stuff) it’s just stuff I can’t eat on the cleanse? 

Like right now I think the best meal EVER would be brown rice…. whhhhaaaat?? I know, weird.  Also I just want a yogurt! dammit!

Okay I think the cleanse is getting to me… thank goodness tomorrow is the last day and I can then introduce YOGURT and GRAINS back into my life!!!I’ve decided to have one cheat day where i won’t be all OCD about what I eat.  Then the other days I’ll stick to the healthy stuff and  I will steer clear of the sugars.  It has been helpful having the other girls around to discuss our progress and we have agreed to continue with the healthy meals at our place after our cleanses…. so I’m hoping to be a little more sane after tomorrow!  Saturday is my cheat day (I’m going to a baby shower so I blame it on that 😉 ) so maybe I’ll get all the crazy cravings out of my system and get started on a good routine Sunday.  Wish me luck!


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  1. I had some really strange cravings as well, all I wanted was CHEESE! Haha, I mean, I love cheese and all, but I don’t usually sit around craving a block of cheddar! Great work though! 3 more weeks til beach time!

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