So i just watched Dear John and let me tell you if you want to cry through an entire movie you’ll LOVE this one. It really did a number on me and got me thinking about the different goodbyes you say to people throughout your life.  If you haven’t watched the movie sorry I may spoil it for you a little bit so if you want to go see it stop reading now! haha

This movie is just FULL of goodbye scenarios.  There are the goodbyes or shall I say “I’ll see you soons” in the movie when John is leaving for deployment.  If anyone has ever had a long distance relationship in any way you can definitely relate to the movie.  Saying bye to someone you care about and not really knowing when you’ll see them again is heart wrenching yet hopeful.  The only thing that keeps you going is the belief that you will see the other person again.  I think it is a true testament when you have to say goodbye and can stay strong throughout that period of time you are apart and still stay together.  Kudos to the military wives and husbands that do this and also to those that have had to part a loved one but have reunited and  stayed together.  I hope to one day have that kind of love that keeps you all together.

The other goodbye in the movie is saying goodbye to your parents.  There are a few instances that came to mind on this one.  The first one was when you are “grown up” and you actually leave your parents house to go to college, to go into the military, to move out west, or to move across town to your own place.  Whatever the situation you all know what I’m talking about.  It’s a hard thing and then you do it and you get used to being on your own.  You might in a sense lose that appreciation of your parents or just not realize how much they miss and love you.  This movie really had me with John’s father and his relationship with his father.  Although the movie situation was completely different in a way I could relate.  He didn’t have the best relationship but in the end he realizes how much his father loved him and how much he loved his father.  Which brings me to the other goodbye in the movie (If you are still reading this after I warned you to stop earlier if you don’t want the movie spoiled I suggest you stop now!) was actually losing a parent.  I can’t even imagine the pain one goes through from losing a parent.  I have yet to experience it and hope not to for a long time but this movie really struck a chord and was one of those “I think Im going to call my parents now and tell them how I love them moments!”  (side note they weren’t there *doh!*) 

The other goodbye in the movie was saying goodbye to someone you’ve held onto for a long time but you know they are already gone.  As much as any of you hate to admit it we’ve all been there at some point.  (Again you need to STOP reading if you want to see the movie!)  When he says goodbye to Savannah at the end of the movie it’s just like the final ending of a long period of time that he held onto her even though she was already gone.  It’s very bittersweet.  VERY. 

Unlike the book I like the way the movie ended much much better because it leaves you with a “hmmm maybe” and a weird belief that maybe they got back together!  Even though it’s a movie and you know it is it was a nice touch for all of those who read the book.  Honestly I hated the way the book ended.  I think that’s why the movie was more moving to me!

OK so I’ll stop my boo hoo goodbye blog now but if like I said earlier if you want a real tear jerker watch  this movie.  You won’t be disappointed!


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