I’ve talked to a few people about my recent #365daysofhappiness posts and thought I would revive my long lost blog (yeah!!!) and take some time to explain it.

How did it come about?

I was feeling pretty down and out about a situation I was having with a friend and it was really taking a toll on me. I’m a pretty empathetic person by nature so I am sensitive to others feelings and am very susceptible to take on their energy as well, especially loved ones. During this period of feeling down I noticed other small, odd, and in my perception BAD things were happening. I remember thinking “Why are these bad things happening to me all at once!? I can’t handle it!? I don’t deserve this!”

I then realized that hard situations and bad things will always happen. That’s part of life. But I did also realize that it’s so easy to get dragged down by one bad situation and have it spiral into a pool of negativity making it harder to get out of. 

Enter #365daysofhappiness

I decided I didn’t want to let these negative situations dictate my life. Although I couldn’t control or fix what was going on with the situation I understood that I could not dwell on it and let it consume me.

So I started small. I decided that I would note one thing everyday that made me happy- whether it be an article I really enjoyed, something that made me laugh, a beautiful moment I experienced in nature, somewhere or something I did that was fun, a quote I really liked…..anything that evoked happiness within me. And I decided I would document that one thing everyday with #365daysofhappiness and share it.

What it has done for me so far

It was hard at first to identify one thing everyday. I started off thinking it should be something life moving or huge. Then I started noticing the small things in everyday life that made me smile. I began to be more present and more grateful for the things I was able to experience. It became easier and after a while I started noticing more than one thing!

My mood has lightened and I have definitely become more aware of living. Yeah I have bad moments, yeah I vent, yeah I still come across challenges…but I have found it is easier for me to bounce back and accept things for what they are and appreciate the good stuff. (Even if it was a silly photo with little insignificance- if I enjoyed it and laughed at it – that’s the good stuff). 

Most importantly it has made me more conscious of who I am as a person.

Why share if it’s for me then?

Why share it? I am a true believer that good energy and vibes are contagious. You may not identify with the things I identify with that make me happy but maybe one of the days you will.

It’s human nature to compare and I by no means am sharing things to evoke jealousy or ridicule. I share in hopes that maybe I can brighten someone’s day up too because those of you that know me know that helping others is another source of happiness for me.

So why not start practicing self awareness and gratitude? Make it a daily effort and I promise you will start to see a change for the better. 


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