About Georgia from Georgia

  First off yes my name is Georgia.  You will  than likely ask upon meeting me, “So where are you from?” and I will reply “Georgia.” and you will say, “Noooo where you FROOOOOMMM????”  I then will squash the awkward tip toeing around the subject and say “I’m half Filipina, half caucasian…white….whatever.”  Born a military brat with a father who was a University of Georgia alumni and loved UGA sooooo much he named his last born daughter Georgia.  And if I were a boy he would’ve named me Uga (no lie!)  We moved a bunch when I was little but moved to G-A when I was in middle school.  Been here ever since so I consider it my home!

I’ve always loved writing and taking photographs with my diggie (a.k.a. digital camera) **2015 update-my iphone**  I love documenting things going on around me and sharing with my friends and loved ones.  I’ve had some interesting experiences in my 33 years as I’m sure everyone has so I will set forth and share with my fellow readers!

Currently I live in midtown Atlanta. I love volunteering, traveling, meeting new people, barre, CrossFit, music, scrapbooking, reading, anything on the water and much more!  Hope you enjoy my blog and randomness!


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